It won’t be long and we’ll be on our 2023 fly fishing road trip. I’ve been looking forward to it. I’m checking fly boxes for our Montana fly fishing trip and pulled out the provider boxes to make sure we had enough flies for the expected hatches on the waters we fish.

Provider Boxes for Montana |

Sure, we have our regular fly boxes in our fly fishing packs, but we’ve needed more flies when we find a fly that works and fish destroy them. That’s where the provider boxes comes in.

To refresh my memory, I go back to the posts I wrote in previous years to see what flies worked for us. An easy way to check is starting with my Fly Fishing Road Trips page. I try to update it after writing a new post, so there is a lot of information in them. I look for a similar month which helps identify the insects and water levels we experience during our time on the water.

In addition, I know I’ve written about “road trip” and “fly box”. I use these terms in the SEARCH icon located at the top right of every page. Here are three posts I found helpful planning for this year’s trip.

We are fortunate to continue what is now our annual fly fishing road trip and have settled on flies that just work for us. Here is the list of flies you’ll find in our provider boxes as we travel in Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, and Yellowstone National Park.


Like usual, be sure to check back and see where our travels take us.

Enjoy…go fish!

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