Here is a list of Central Oregon Fly Tyer’s Guild Zoom Classes for 2022

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Classes finished for the season.

Past Classes

April 14, 2022

Jack Gillis

BIBIO wet fly & Flashback PT Nymph

April 7, 2022

Tom Adams

Knuckledragger, Killer Caddis, and Tom Fooler

March 31, 2022

Jessie Scott, Jerry Lorang

Evergreen hand – tying flies 1-handed

March 24, 2022

Sherry Steele

Mrs. Simpson (sculpin fly pattern

Creating streamers

March 17, 2022

Mike McCoy

Kraken (dry)

Light Cahill (emerger)

March 10, 2022

John Kreft

McPhail’s Golden Stone Nymph

Silvey’s Caddis Pupa

March 3, 2022

Jerry Coviello

Managing Quill Wings

February 24, 2022

Dick Rohrbaugh

Twisted Sister

Rogan’s Gadget

February 17, 2022

Jeff Perin

Foam Water Boatman

Split Wing Sparkle Dun BWO

February 3, 2022

Sarah Jo Realty


January 27, 2022

Gretchen Beatty

Royal Trude – Hair or Poly Wing

January 20, 2022

Al Beatty

Rotating Your Vise

January 13, 2022

John Kreft

IOBO Humpy and Green Drake CDC Loop Wing Emerger

January 6, 2022

Dick Rohrbaugh

Dry Fly Split Tails – New Technique

December 16, 2021

Sarah Jo Royalty

Spey Flies/ Winter Steelhead 

December 9, 2021

Dutch Baughman

Stone Hopper and Coch-y-Bondhu

December 2, 2021

Sherry Steele

Technique Class – Biot Body Flies & EZ Nymph – Using the Hackle Handle

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