This week’s Throw Back Thursday Fly is Art Flick’s March Brown Nymph.

Flick's March Brown Nymph |

Since it’s March, I’m continuing to feature several March Brown Mayfly imitations.

I hope you read last week’s TBT post about Art Flick’s March Brown Dry Fly. This is another one of Art Flick’s flies I found this fly in The Founding Flies by Mike Valla in chapter 7. It’s a favorite book in my library.

Art Flick (1904-1985) lived in the Catskill area of New York and operated the Westkill Tavern after taking over the business from his parents in the 1930’s. He continued to run it until 1960.

He lived in the era of Preston Jennings and Ray Bergman, a couple of names you may recognize as fly tyers in their own right.

The Red Quill was one of Flick’s signature fly patterns. Other favorites included the Quill Gordon, Hendrickson, American March Brown, Grey Fox, Light Cahill, Blue Wing Olive, Dun Variant, Cream Variant, and Grey Fox Variant,

Valla writes that Flick gave up fly fishing for three years to concentrate on creating a mayfly emergence table for his book, Streamside Guide of Naturals and Their Imitations (1947).

Enjoy…go fish!

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