The Babcock

This week’s Throw Back Thursday Fly is the Babcock, another fly from Ray Bergman’s book entitled Trout.

Babcock |

I tied this fly a couple of week’s ago at the Central Oregon Fly Tyer’s Guild. My friend Jim Fisher, the 2011 Stan Walters Memorial Tyer of the Year, taught a class on mounting duck quill wings in the wet fly style. The first fly we tied was the Bouncer. This is the second fly and Jim used it to teach us the married wing technique.

I’ve been practicing these quill wings. You can find others like the Wickhams Fancy and the Hemingway Caddis in previous Throw Back Thursday Fly posts.

You’ll find the Babcock on Plate No. 1, page  22.

For more information about Ray Bergman’s Trout, check out a previous Throw Back Thursday Fly, the Bostwick.

The Babcock


Crimson Floss


Gold Tinsel


Gold Tinsel


Black and Yellow




Black Stripe over Yellow

This fly was tied on an older Mustad 3906B hook, size 6. 

Enjoy…go fish!


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