Harrop’s CDC Ant

Harrops CDC Ant - Black | www.johnkreft.com


Harrops CDC Ant - Cinnamon | www.johnkreft.com





TMC 206BL #16


8/0 black or brown


Black or cinnamon dubbing


2 CDC feathers – dun or tan


Black or brown


Black or cinnamon dubbing



  1. Start thread on hook and advance to barb.
  2. Start dubbing abdomen backwards around hook curve then forward to hook point.
  3. Tie on CDC with 2 loose wraps. Pull CDC to length. Tighten up with 2 or 3 more wraps.
  4. Tie on hackle but don’t wrap until after next step.
  5. Dub remaining abdomen and bring thread back to hackle tie-in.
  6. Wrap hackle 3 – 5 turns and tie off.
  7. Whip finish.

Note: Lately, I’ve been using Blue Ribbon Flies Midge Black dubbing and Rene’ Harrop’s Professional Dubbing – Rusty Spinner from Trouthunter for the abdomen of the Harrop’s CDC Ant..

If you’d like more information on CDC, check out my blog – Use Fly Patterns with CDC Feathers


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