Silver Stork

This week’s Throw Back Thursday Fly is the Silver Stork, one of the wet flies Ray Bergman cataloged in his book entitled Trout, first published in 1938.

Silver Stork |

The Silver Stork is from Plate No. 8. I tried to research a little history for this fly, but was unable to find any. If you have a little history about the Silver Stork, be sure to leave a comment below.

To me there is something elegant about this fly. It takes few materials to tie and I’m sure it caught fish. In fact, it probably would catch fish today!
For more information about Ray Bergman’s Trout, check out last week’s Throw Back Thursday Fly, the Bostwick.



Silver tinsel


Gray mallard


Dark brown


Gray mallard


Enjoy…go fish!

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2 thoughts on “Silver Stork

    • You’re correct Ron. I tied it on a Mustad 3906, size 10 hook. The pattern from Trout doesn’t specify any particular hook.


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