Resources for your Fly Fishing and Fly Tying.

Bead Conversion Table

  • Here is a Bead Conversion Table I created. Hope you like it.

Fly Tying Hook Conversion Table

  • This is the Fly Tying Hook Conversion Table I created and use.

Favorite Fly Fishing and Fly Tying Books

  • Some of my favorite books.

Atlas of Oregon Lakes 

  • If you fish lakes, this in an invaluable resource which shows detailed information. You’ll find ramps and depths which helps determine where the fish are located.

Fishing Knots

  • by my friend John Sherry is a great site to learn the knots needed to fish. I use an Improved Clinch knot to tie on flies, triple Surgeon knot for tippet, Perfection Loop for loop-to-loop (if needed), and a Nail knot to attach the fly line. Most fly lines these days come with a welded loop in the end. And many purchased leaders also have a loop to attach to the fly line.
  • Additional knots I use from time to time include the Blood knot for connecting larger diameter monofilament when creating a tapered leader and the Turle knot for steelhead flies.
  • Bob provided a Comment on the website and mentioned he used the Davy knot. I decided to check it out. I like it. Simple, small, and strong.
  • John has some wonderful knot card that fit in your pocket, bag, or vest if you need a refresher on how to tie the proper knots. You can see them HERE.



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