$3 Dip (Serendipity)

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Dai Riki 135 or TMC 2487, sizes 14 – 18


Danville Brown 6/0 – 70 denier (number 47)


Black, gold, or nickle tungsten bead to fit hook


Small gold wire


Deer hair



  1. Place bead on hook. For proper size, see Bead Conversion Table.
  2. Tie on thread behind bead with a few wraps.
  3. Tie on wire.
  4. Wrap thread to bend of hook, holding wire downward to keep on bottom. Bring thread forward to bead, then back towards hook point. Continue wrapping up and down hook shank multiple times to create taper.
  5. Spiral wire forwards, using 5 – 7 wraps, ending at bead.
  6. Cut several deer hair fibers from hide and eliminate underfur. Tie in butt ends and cover with thread.
  7. Whip finish.
  8. Trim deer hair to about 1/3 of body length.

Note: The Danville Brown thread is key to this fly’s success.

If you’d like more information about the $3 Dip, check out a blog I wrote entitled – Serendipity and $3 DipIt includes a link to Craig Mathews tying the $3 Dip.


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One thought on “$3 Dip (Serendipity)

  1. Hum $3 dip have used serendipity for years worked really well on the Colorado at Lees ferry . New name new fly . All that counts is does it fool the fish!

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