Rusty Spinner Biot Body

Rusty Spinner - Biot Body | www.johnkreft.comRusty Spinner - Biot Body

A real Rusty Spinner floating in an eddy looks similar to the Rusty Spinner Biot Body.

Rusty Spinner





Daiichi 1110, Dai Riki 300 or TMC 100, #18 – 14


8/0, 14/0, 16/0 Rust


Microfibbets or Coq de Leon tailing material – light color


Goose biot – rusty spinner


EP Fibers (Spinner Wing color), poly or CDC


Superfine dubbing – rusty spinner



  1. Create thread base.
  2. Tie in 2 tails and split. Length should be 1 to 1 ½ body length.
  3. Tie in turkey biot, curved side up. Optional – lay thin base of head cement or super glue to add strength. Wrap forward to thorax area.
  4. Tie in wing material perpendicular to hook with 8 thread wraps.
  5. Dub thorax and whip finish.
  6. Pull wing material back to measure and cut at hook end.


If you’d like to learn different methods to attach biots for a furled or smooth body, check out the fly pattern – Blue Wing Olive – CDC & Biot.


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