Denny’s Seal Bugger

Here is the fly pattern sheet for Denny’s Seal Bugger.

Denny's Seal Bugger |




Daiichi 1750, Dai Riki 700, #6 – 10


6/0 or 8/0 black


20 wraps of .020 wire




Dyed grizzly hackle


Seal fur or seal substitute dubbing


Copper wire


  1. Wrap lead wire on hook, leaving enough space behind the hook eye as to not crowd it when finishing fly.
  2. Coat hook shank with thread to secure lead wire.
  3. Tie in tail above hook barb.
  4. Tie in copper wire.
  5. Tie in hackle by tip.
  6. Create dubbing loop and move thread to tie off point behind hook eye.
  7. Add dubbing to create a sparse noodle and wind forward with touching turns.
  8. Tease dubbing out so it sticks at 90 degrees away from hook.
  9. Wrap hackle forward with 4 – 6 turns, being careful to not bind down dubbing and tie off.
  10. Wind rib forward using 6 – 8 wraps, being careful to not bind down dubbing and hackle. Tie off.
  11. Create tapered head with thread and whip finish.


Popular color combinations:

Body Hackle Tail
Black/red Purple Black
Black/red Purple Burgundy
Black Burnt Orange Black
Black Burnt Orange Burnt Orange
Black Black Black
Black Grizzly Black
Olive Burnt Orange Burnt Orange
Olive Burnt Orange Black
Olive Grizzly Olive
Olive/red  Black Black
Olive/red  Black Dark olive
Brown/red Black Brown

This is a fly pattern developed by Denny Rickards and is a variation of the popular Woolly Bugger. Denny developed this fly pattern on Oregon’s Upper Klamath Lake, his home waters.

To find out more about Denny Rickards, visit his website –

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