Custom Flies

I’ve been tying flies for many years and would like you to catch fish using some RiverKeeper Flies.

Would you like to purchase a few custom RiverKeeper Flies seen on the Fly Patterns pages? Or do you have a favorite pattern you can’t find anymore?

Here are a few examples…

John's Flies |

I’d be happy to tie some custom flies for you. All flies are barbless unless requested otherwise and will look similar to the pictures. Some materials may be substituted.

I’m constantly adding flies to RiverKeeper Flies, so the best way to see what flies are available is to search the Fly Patterns page and click on a fly type or fly box to see pictures of the flies.

Just leave a comment below and I’ll get back to you to discuss timeline and pricing.


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38 thoughts on “Custom Flies

  1. I am a fisherman in Michigan and interested in smaller dry flies. I don’t tie myself. The Improved Mathews Sparkle Dun – BWO would be something I would be interested in buying if you could tie some. How many would I have to order? Do you have any other emerger pattern that you would think I would like? I liked the story of the Goddard Caddis on your site. I usually use an indicator fly like that so that I can have an idea of where the smaller fly might be. The Goddard would work for that, but then so does many others.

    Thanks in advance for responding.

    • Bill

      Thanks for your comment. Happy to know you enjoyed the Goddard Caddis Throw Back Thursday Fly post.

      I can certainly provide some BWO flies for you. The other emerger fly I’d recommend is the BWO – CDC & Biot. I fish them in 16’s & 18’s.

      I’ll send you an email in the near future and we can discuss the flies and quantities you’d like to purchase.

      Thanks for your interest!


  2. interested in some hoppers. Shoot me an email with your pricing. Or if you sell the material to make them, i’d be interested in that too. Hope to hear from you

  3. I would like to purchase a dozen or so each of your Chubby Chernobyl and size 14 parachute Adams. I deal with a few guides and I would like to show them your work.

  4. John,

    I attended your Nov 19 presentation with the SR Anglers and would be interested in purchasing 2 each of your “new to fly fishing” flies (Parachute Adams, PMD Sparkle Dun, Elk Hair Caddis, Clark’s Golden Stone and Beetle Bailey). Please let me know how you would like to proceed.

    Incidentally, wonderful presentation!


  5. Hi John,
    Happy New Year to you and Karen!
    I would like to order some custom flies for when I return to Central Oregon in April. Please email me with ordering and payment instructions. I’ll then give you the order by private email.
    Tom L

  6. Good evening.
    My name is Terry Adkins I have a half dozen Coho fly patterns I looking to get tied for a trip we are taking this fall in September to Alaska. Would you consider meeting me so I can show you the patterns and see if you would consider tying 9 dozen of each pattern? Please contact me if interested. thanks Terry

  7. Hello I’m going to fish East Lake the first week in July (7-12) Wondering if you could a box together for me. 50 flies in a East Lake (Oregon Lakes) box. If 50 is not enough let me know.

  8. If I sent you a couple of images of some patterns I like but can’t seem to find for sale, could you make…and what would be cost?

  9. I have enjoyed your sight for some time.
    I would like to order some Beetle Bailey flies. 3 in size 12 & 3 in size 14.
    Jerry Martisak

  10. I truly terrific fisherman handed me a fly on the lower Rogue last summer that out fished any fly I was using. I can’t find the pattern anywhere. I’d love to send you photo and hopefully have some made

  11. John, do you have the contact info for the gentleman who designed and produces the artificial limb extension for veterans to be able to fish. He gave me a card a couple of years ago and I can’t locate it or his info.
    Healing Waters here in Denver is interested in contacting him for one of the Veteran students.

  12. Hi,
    I live in Tumalo and fish the Metolius often (but not often enough!). I would like to purchase a dozen of your Clark’s Golden Stones. Please let me know if you can tie these. Happy to pick up in Sisters since I am in town a lot (kids in Sisters High School). Great web site!


  13. John would like for you to put a box together for the Owyhee early June BWO’s double bunny leaches (white) PMD’s midges.

  14. Looking for 2-3 dozen steelhead flies for the Clearwater River in Idaho. 3 each of #2 General Practioner (orange), #2 Green Butt skunk, #2 Freight Train, #2 Purple Peril = 1 dozen, 3 each of # 2 Skunk, #2 Black
    Bear florescent red butt, #2 Skykomish Sunrise, # 2 Ho Bo = 2 dozen. If you wish to tie these replay with prices. I will not start fishing until August. Thank you, Chuck

  15. Hi : Great to find your website. My wife and I booked a couple of days at East Lake Resort, the second week of June this year. Can you tie me a few of each of your East Lake Callibatis patterns ? Concentrate on the ones most useful at the time of year we will be there. Actually June 11 and 12.

    Please email me and I will reply with my mobile number.

  16. Hi John I head over to Crane Prairie this week. Wonder if you have some flies tied up I could stop by and pick some up

    • Dave

      Thanks for your comment. I believe you are referencing the Green Drake Hairwing Dun fly I selected for a Throw Back Thursday Fly and have since added to the Fly Patterns pages. The fly pattern sheet uses the recipe from Rene’ Harrop. I pulled out a “variant” from my fly box.

      I’ve seen both colors on Green Drakes from the Metolius. The real bugs have 3 dark tails, which I believe the moose body hair imitates quite well. I’ve used shades of brown on most of the flies I tie for the Metolius, because that’s the color I see most of the time. There are bugs with quite a bit of yellow instead of the brown highlights.

      Hope that answers your question.


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