Stalcup CDC Loop Wing Emerger

This week’s Throw Back Thursday Fly is the Stalcup CDC Loop Wing Emerger.

Stalcup CDC Loop Wing Emerger |

This fly was the creation of Shane Stalcup, a talented and innovative fly tyer. The fly pattern sheet can be found HERE.

I first learned of Stalcup’s flies in his book Mayflies “Top to Bottom” (2002). I thought it was interesting looking at the materials he used to create close imitations to the real insects. It was the first time I had heard of Medallion sheeting. It wasn’t long before I had that material in several colors. Many of the flies in his book used biots for bodies. This fly is no exception.

Stalcup created some wonderful fly tying videos and those videos can now be seen on my friend John Sherry’s Youtube NetKnots Fly Tying channel. I encourage you to take a look. Be sure to check out his video of the Stalcup CDC Loop Wing Emerger.

Unfortunately, Shane passed away prematurely in 2011 at the age of 48.

Many of his flies can still be purchased in your local fly shop. You might give them a try. Watch a video or two of Shane tying his flies. You’ll see how “fishy” they really are.

Enjoy…go fish!


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LaFontaine Sparkle Pupa

This week’s Throw Back Thursday Fly is the LaFontaine Sparkle Pupa, developed by Gary LaFontaine.

LaFontaine Sparkle Pupa |

Caddisflies was first published in 1981. It was a classic as soon as it was written. Before his book came out, most the talk in fly fishing was about Mayflies. Caddisflies changed everything.

Gary spent many years researching caddis. In fact, it took 10 years! He spent countless hours in scuba gear watching these bugs live and move in the water column. So perhaps we should pay more attention to his innovative patterns.

The LaFonatine Sparkle Pupa uses antron yarn to imitate the transparent sheath that traps air bubbles around the body of a caddis as it begins it’s journey to the surface, hatch and fly away.

I tied this many years ago and probably forgot to add the wing along the side to imitate the real bug. But you know, it still worked.

Hmmm, I wonder why I don’t use this any more? I think I’m headed to the bookshelf to re-read Caddisflies!


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