Iris Caddis

Iris Caddis - Tan |

Iris Caddis – TanIris Caddis |

 Iris Caddis – Olive

Iris Caddis - Amber |

Iris Caddis – Amber

Iris Caddis - Black |

Iris Caddis – Black

Iris Caddis Materials |





Daiichi 1190, TMC 100 or Dai Riki 300 size #12 – 20


8/0 Uni thread to match thorax color


Amber or gold zelon


Zelon or Hare’s ear dubbing – olive, tan, amber, or black


White Zelon 


Hare’s ear dubbing



  1. Tie on shuck or zelon and take a couple of wraps down the hook shank past the barb. Use the remainder of zelon to help create an even body. Trim zelon about hook gape in length.
  2. Dub a body forward about ¾ of the hook shank.
  3. Create a loop of zelon and tie securely on top of hook. It should extend back to the bend of the hook. Trim excess.
  4. Coarsely dub the thorax with hare’s ear.
  5. Whip finish


Note: The finished fly should appear “scraggly”. Avoid the temptation to trim too many fibers for a clean look. The fly imitates caddis pupa emerging in the surface film.


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