Fly Fishing the Madison and Yellowstone Rivers

The last stop on our 2017 road trip was fly fishing the Madison and Yellowstone rivers. Our initial planning didn’t include fly fishing the Yellowstone River, so be sure to read the end of this post about how happy we were with our little side trip.

Madison River Sunset over Water |

We arrived at the Slide Inn to the words…”you happen to be between hatches”. Sound familiar? I heard that phrase about the Missouri, St. Joe, and Clark Fork too. But we’ve fished the Madison River in prior years and planned to fish early in the morning and late evening for some dry fly action. That strategy has worked in the past. Continue reading

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Galloup’s T & A Leech

This week’s Throw Back Thursday Fly is Galloup’s T & A Leech.

Galloup's T & A Leech |

I stayed at Galloup’s Slide Inn last week during our 2017 fly fishing road trip and had the opportunity to talk with Kelly about a few of his early fly patterns. I told him about my RiverKeeper Flies Throw Back Thursday fly feature and he began telling me stories about how several of his flies were developed. Continue reading

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Fly Fishing the Big Hole and Beaverhead Rivers

The next stop on our 2017 road trip was in southwest Montana. Actually, the original plan didn’t include the Beaverhead River, it was a “plan B” activity. I’ll tell you about it below.

Big Hole River MT Sunset | www.johnkreft.comI’ve always liked the Big Hole River because of it’s size. I enjoy the walk and wade experience. We took a guided trip back in 2011 where we floated from the put-in above Maiden Rock through the canyon and ended our trip at the Melrose take-out. We learned a lot from our guide, both how to fish the Big Hole as well as access points were we could fish from shore.

This year, “hoot owl” restrictions were in effect for the upper and lower Big Hole River, but not the areas we planned to fish. Continue reading

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Galloup’s Zoo Cougar

This week’s Throw Back Thursday Fly is Galloup’s Zoo Cougar.

Galloup's Zoo Cougar |

Since I’m staying at Slide Inn on the Madison River this week, I thought it appropriate to feature a few of Kelly’s flies for my Throw Back Thursday Fly feature. I spent some time with him at the shop taking photos of a few of his famous flies and hearing a stories of them as well. You’ll be seeing a few more of his flies in future TBT posts. 

Galloup developed this fly in the mid-1990’s for the Manistee River in Michigan where his first fly shop, the Troutsman fly shop was located. He told me he purchased the Slide Inn on the Madison River in 2001 and moved to Montana in 2002. 

He is the author of Cripples and Spinners (2001) and co-author of Modern Streamers for Trophy Trout (2004) with Bob Linsenman.

Kelly is a stickler for detail and has developed a well-earned reputation for quality flies. If you are a streamer fly fisher, be sure to purchase some of his flies at Galloup’s Slide Inn.

Zoo Cougars in Various Colors |

Here is a picture the Galloup’s Zoo Cougar from the fly bin at the Slide Inn Fly Shop. Kelly ties and sells them in black, olive, white, tan, gray, golden brown and yellow; sizes 2 – 6.

If you are into streamer fishing, be sure to order a few Galloup’s Zoo Cougar flies from his shop.











Enjoy…go fish!


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