Braided Butt Damsel

This week’s Throw Back Thursday Fly is the Braided Butt Damsel.

Braided Butt Damsel |

I first found this fly in Randall Kaufmann’s book Tying Dry Flies (1991) in the early 1990s. I tied the fly using the instructions from the book and took it to Antone Ranch in Eastern Oregon when it was a pay-to-play lake. I can still remember the toilet-bowl takes from the huge trout in some of their lakes. The trout were cruising along the shallow reeds and our trip had timed the damselfly hatch just perfectly. Continue reading

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Another Wonderful Year

Once again, RiverKeeper Flies has had another wonderful year! I always use the last week of the year to reflect upon the previous 12 months. I hope you’ve enjoyed reading all the posts as much as I have creating them! Thanks to all who continue to utilize the fly fishing and fly tying resource I’ve created.

Madison River - Relaxed Fishing | www.johnkreft.comI’m still amazed at the popularity of RiverKeeper Flies. Here are a few statistics about the website during 2016:

  • 31,543 sessions – a 50% increase over 2015
  • 66,910 page views – a 30% increase over 2015
  • 52 new Throw Back Thursday Flies
  • 38 fly pattern sheets added this year, totaling 136 flies

I’ve continued to create a post every week. Here is a list of the most popular posts this year. How many have you read? Continue reading

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Lawson’s E-Z Caddis

This week’s Throw Back Thursday Fly is Lawson’s E-Z Caddis, developed by Mike Lawson from Last Chance, ID.

Lawsons E-Z Caddis |

I bought this fly a several years ago in Maupin, OR for a fly fishing trip with friends on the Deschutes River.

I really liked the profile of the fly and the under and overwing made of a Zelon and partridge caught my eye.

I think I should tie some of these this winter and give them a try when caddis start hatching.

Enjoy…go fish!

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Back to the River

I finally got back to the river after several days of winter weather that saw Sisters get a couple of feet of snow.

Snow Blowing |

Yes, that’s me being a good neighbor clearing a driveway. I did that for three of my neighbors and kept our driveway clear as well. Some days the high temp’s were in the teens with lows below zero. Call me soft, but I decided to stay home and keep warm! Continue reading

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Still Working on Spey Flies

I haven’t tied any trout flies in the last week because I’m still working on spey flies. Specifically, the Green Butt Skunk Spey.

Green Butt Skunk Spey Flies on Book |

The two flies on the book Steelhead Flies by John Shewey are the first (left side) and third (right side) I’ve tied. You’ll find this fly on page 193 of John’s book.

I asked for and received some feedback from a couple of fly tying friends of mine and I’m incorporating their comments into the next few flies coming off my vise.

“As a fishing fly it is great!  It is still pretty good for the wall.  Being real critical…” Continue reading

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Spey Fly Lessons Learned

I’m a novice at tying spey flies, but I’m intrigued by the final product and it’s an opportunity to learn new fly tying techniques. I’ve written a couple of posts about my experience (Another Spey Fly – Done and Tying Spey Flies – I’m Scared!)and I’ve learned a few “rules” that hopefully help in the next one I tie at the vise. With that background, I thought I’d provide a few spey fly lessons learned as I begin my next project – a Green Butt Skunk Spey.

To provide a little perspective, I just finished tying 7 dozen #16 Sparkle Dun PMD flies. 

Sparkle Dun to Spey |

I’m so used to quickly tying trout flies. I had to switch my brain a little as I placed a size 1.5 steelhead iron in my vise! Continue reading

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